Why Stadsbelangen Delft?

Why your vote for stadsbelangen Delft on March 19th 2014 matters! Because: The political party stadsbelangen Delft has been a stable local party within the Delft political arena since 1985. The colors ‘black\white’ in our logo do not just reflect the colors of our city, but also our belief in equality for all, regardless of origin, religion or sexual orientation. We write our name ‘stadsbelangen’ in lower case letters to reflect that we do not shout and yell. Instead we listen to our citizens. We are at the heart of our community and have a desire to use constructive cooperation’s with others to achieve a better city.


Stadsbelangen Delft represents a warm, welcoming city. Together with all citizens we want to achieve a community which guarantees safety, quality of life and public order.

Stadsbelangen Delft promotes protection of our historic center, but at the same time a good infrastructure with accessibility to neighborhoods for our citizens, visitors and commercial traffic.

Stadsbelangen Delft wants a city which provides ample opporunities for the cultural, athletic and social development of all its inhabitants. We do this by creating the right environment, such as good sports facilities, educational facilities, healthcare, libraries and places for people to practise and enjoy amateur art.

Stadsbelangen Delft will continue to support good living facilities for starters and the elderly in the coming years.

Stadsbelangen Delft actively encourages the cooperation with the Organisation for the elderly in our city. Therefore we want the new city council to appoint an alderman with this focus in our city.

Stadsbelangen Delft promotes/supports a tough, but fair social policy with the necessary facilities for upholding the laws and regulations of our city. A city which attracts economic development as well as increasing employment and gives attention to the natural environment.

Your vote for stadsbelangen Delft is a vote for a safe, enjoyable and caring Delft and a reliable municipality. Therefore please vote on March 19th for one of the candidates of stadsbelangen Delft, list 8. Because your message is our job!